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About Fallen Trees

As a wood turner my aim is to create unique pieces, usually a Vase, Platter, Hollow form or Bowl working normally on larger items.

I prefer to work with fallen wood that has been on the ground for some time, during this period the wood can attract many new features due to the ingress of fungi, and infestations creating unusual figuring in the wood. The reaction of water causes Spalting which can result in some very desirable effects.


Here is a sample of some of the unique pieces

Lidded Sycamore Pot spalted with brass

Large Natural Edge Spalted Sycamore Vase

Irish Yew Vase with inclusions

Alder Burr bowl with inclusions

Wych Elm Platter with brass inlay

Chesnut Natural Edge Burr bowl

Fruit Tree root wood dish

Burr Dark Oak Platter


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